Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Oasis and BTE

I picked up the New Oasis CD and it's actually really good. It's not a total classic or anything like that, but it's just really solid.
Although it's not a huge musical stretch, it seems to me like they're using a little bit more color in the music. A heavier use of falsetto helps to accomplish this as well as much more textural layering. I don't dig track 2 very much but everything else is really damn solid.

I'm also diggin on the new Better Than Ezra CD. Check it out. Overcome is my favorite track on the CD. That's dude's voice is just friggin awesome.
Also here, no real new musical ground is tread, but it's very solid. Although my favorites are probably tied at Closer and Garden...this is a pretty close second. Very solid. The production is top notch!


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