Sunday, January 08, 2006

Surgery Coming Up

I've got a damn hernia. Yippecayay!
Surgery is a week from Monday and actually I'm very excited because I've got a week off of work because of it. Many video games will be played, but I'm also happy 'cuz I'm finally gonna set up my home studio again and throw down some tracks. Hopefully much music will be written too.

My poor little guitar Jessica" is going into the shop because something's wrong with the high-end pickup. It's very tinny and very little is being picked up by the...well...pickup. Boo hoo. So...that's about it.

Oh Yeah, I've been listening to an assload of Jeff Buckley lately. That always happens to me. I just go through a phase. Been listening a lot to The Mystery White Boy tour CD and the 2nd CD of Sweetheart. I love New Year's Prayer. Man, we were so robbed! That record that he was working on was going to be amazing. I can just feel it. Most of the tracks aren't done--they're not developed fully, but he was pushing at his sonic boundraries and moving forward at a startling pace. Makes me sad. But...hey, if I die and go to heaven, I hope he'll be there with like a hundred CD's for me to go through. Well...I can keep wishing anyway...not that I want to die any time soon, but...urgghhh...I sense the onset of babbling...must go.


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