Saturday, March 10, 2007


In case you all haven't heard yet....I is getting married. To a woman. Cool, huh? I am marrying Sara-Bridgett Moore on May 18 aboard the Anastasia Riverboat on the St. Croix River.

We are landing at the wedding site after skydiving from the Gorman cesna airplane. I am a little nervous about this since we only have taken the 6-hour course that allows you to dive without the instructor for the first time. But so far the training has gone very well and we feel that it shouldn't be too bad because of we miss the ship, we'll hit water instead of asphalt parking lot or a tree or something. We bought a couple of those extendy hooks that you see at pools so they can fish us out in case we miss.

After that, we will fly off to Hawaii where we will bungee-jump into a deep moss-filled crater. There will be two sleeping bags, food, gear and the makings for a camp fire below. We will then begin to explore the small cave-system that begins in an opening of the southwest side of the crater.

I am very excited and as you can tell, we are very extreme people and thought that we would begin our lives as man and woman the way we met: in an extreme situation.

God Bless and much love.


P.S. Some statements above may not reflect properly into reality.