Monday, May 01, 2006

Car Troubles

Man, my car stalled out today.

That's happened to me before in a different car, but I feel sad because this is the first time my beautiful little Toyota has betrayed my trust.

I always feel like such an idiot when things like that happened. I threw on my hazards and took out the manual to see what I could do. Of course I wasn't thinking too well so I just dropped the manual and flipped open the hood.

My engine coolant was basically empty so I high-tailed it to a gas station I saw nearby and shelled out a few bucks for some anti-freeze. I filled 'er up and to my surprise...she started without a hitch.

What had previously transpired is that my car lost all acceleration while driving on a highway, then regained it after a couple of seconds. When I pulled up to the next light it started puttgering, then gave out. Although I could restart the car, I got absolutely no power. Luckily my car is very small so I was able to push it to the side of the road across the intersection into a seldom-used frontage road right-turn lane and took my expedited trip to the gas station.

Not a terrifying experience, but I wish I knew more about cars. Ah well, what can you do?

Play on!