Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Long Time No Blog

Sorry folks for not updating in a long time. I've been very busy 'n stuff. Well, I've been listening to a record by The Velvet Teen that I really like. I can tell flat out that these guys listen to Jeff Buckley, because at least on this first record of theirs, if he' s not going for an homage, the lead singer is almost going for an attempted imitation of the Jeff. However, on their second record which definitely shows more polish, but ironically not as much variety, it seems as though he's at least changed his voice or matured a bit to begin to find his own style. Either way, I really love both of these CD's and the styles of both are wildly different. I like that. I guess they're working on a third CD, so I'm keeping my hopes going for that one.

Booo, my girl's in LA right now.

I went to my cabin last weekend and it rained the whole time, though a lot of reading was succesfully logged.

No more hurricanes!

I plead insanity. I want cookies. Give me milk to paint the walls. Yum Yum.

Sorry bout that. I think he escaped.

Anyway, I've been really diggin the new Better than Ezra CD. It's very catchy. As always, I love KG's voice. My favorite track right now is Overcome. It very much spotlights his voice and the music is just gorgeous. Very soulful. This is definitely one of their more artistic tracks taht they've done. It comes very close to dislodging Particle as my favorite BTE song. Another standout track (although I love the first two tracks as well) is Southern Thing. It's got some bite to it and it's like a split between the great pop of Closer and the artsyness of Garden. Check this damn CD out. Also, the production on this CD is just gorgeous. Listen to it with headphones on. The use of Stereo space and layering really shine here.

OK, that's enough for now.