Saturday, September 13, 2008

Art of War

So tonight, we debuted our movie at an actual theatre.  It was awesome.  There weren't as many paparazzi as I expected, but there were also more people to view it than I expected, and it was amazing fun to actually see all of our combined work put together and displayed on the silver screen.  Congrats to everybody who worked on it and thanks to everybody who showed up.

Here are some pictures that I took whilst there.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Kit Kat

We just got a cute new little kitty named Kona.  Sara had the most terrible idea to go to the humane society--you know, just to look.  That doesn't really work, though, when the kitty looks up at you with those cute little kitty eyes and then says, "Could you please take me home so that I can stop crying these little kitty tears of abandonment?  I don't mean to guilt you, though."

Yikes, is she cute.  We'll have to see how our other cat Maui feels about the whole situation.  We've got Kona confined to our bathroom and the two are glaring at each other underneath the door.