Saturday, January 24, 2009

Discovering old CD's

I'm currently in the process of ripping all my CDs.  This is an extremely scary and daunting task, because I've bought way too many and I was a member of BMG way back when, so I've got way too many.

I still want to keep some CD's so I can have a nice snobby collection for display (tempered with some of my guilty pleasures of course).  However, I have two tubfulls of CDs and I'm slowly going through them.  What a task.

Anyway, I ran across a CD by Plain Jane Automobile.  It's just a little 5 track EP that I picked up when they were opening for Ours I think.  I don't too often buy CDs at shows because I usually have the artist's I came to see music already and I am rarely too impressed by the opening band.  Anyway, I picked this up because it was superbly energetic and the lead singer's voice was great.  I had forgotten about this and just wanted to give them a little shout out--great band.

Check them out.

Friday, January 23, 2009

F'ing Macs Y'all!

BTW, I don't how Quicktime updates behave on Macs, but it's really starting to feel like Realplayer to me.  First off, it auto-installs iTunes-I don't remember if I could uncheck it or not, but when it is a "trusted" software I usually don't read though any of the update notes, I just click yes.  OK, that sucks, whatever--I'll uninstall iTunes.  Whoah, now if I click yes one more time without reading, it will install Bonjour.  That I can uncheck to finish, but that's sneaky-mean.  Oh wait, crap now it needs to restart my computer.  OK, I restart my computer for iTunes.  Now I want to uninstall it.  Oh sweet, now I have to restart my computer again so that iTunes can finish uninstalling.

All just because I clicked yes to a Quicktime update.  Does it suck this much on Macs?


Quicktime=Realplayer 2009?