Sunday, November 25, 2007

Fixing Iraq

OK, so I've been thinking and I've decided that if I were elected president, here's what I would do to fix Iraq and begin damage control on our severely obliterated foreign policy and image.

Oh yeah, but they way, it is spelled foriegn policy, not foreign police.

So first off, we apologize to the world; "Sorry that we've been money-grubbing dicks. We apologize for all of the nasty shady and destructive crap that we've done." Next, we need to pony up to Iraq, "Sorry about that, we went there for oil and didn't know what we were doing and now we realy don't know what we are doing. It's a mess and we don't know how to fix it."

We then announce that we are beginning to pull out all of our troops in Iraq and they will all be gone within six months. Turn to the UN and say, "OK, sorry we were Dicks and just do what we want. How do we fix Iraq? We need your help and this needs to get done in six months.

All right, cool, now let's stop being one of the most in-debt countries in the world and get our deficit gone. Yep, there's theories about how that could harm us. Go and eat it. When has in-debtedness been good?

Sweet, now let's get social security and health care under control. Before I got married, my wife worked for Target and their regular family practice visit copay was $45. That's balls-out wrong.

Here's another interesting point I found out. An extremely conservative estimate of the cost of the War in Iraq is 1.5 trillion as of last month. That number doesn't include any of the hidden factors that really are currently being incurred and will continue to incurr which would actually balloon that figure.

If we had spent that 1.5 trillion on renewable energy research, we could just wave at the oil companies lots of middle east politics and say, "It's not been fun, but we've kicked our addiction." While 1.5 trillion would fix our problem, it would really have gotten us at the very least pretty damn close.

So, there's that to consider anyway.


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