Friday, January 23, 2009

F'ing Macs Y'all!

BTW, I don't how Quicktime updates behave on Macs, but it's really starting to feel like Realplayer to me.  First off, it auto-installs iTunes-I don't remember if I could uncheck it or not, but when it is a "trusted" software I usually don't read though any of the update notes, I just click yes.  OK, that sucks, whatever--I'll uninstall iTunes.  Whoah, now if I click yes one more time without reading, it will install Bonjour.  That I can uncheck to finish, but that's sneaky-mean.  Oh wait, crap now it needs to restart my computer.  OK, I restart my computer for iTunes.  Now I want to uninstall it.  Oh sweet, now I have to restart my computer again so that iTunes can finish uninstalling.

All just because I clicked yes to a Quicktime update.  Does it suck this much on Macs?


Quicktime=Realplayer 2009?

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